They say “It all started with a lemonade stand.” The husband and wife team, of Eli and Beatrice Wolnerman, came across the opportunity to make their childhood lemonade dreams come true when they discovered the smallest parcel of land for sale on Detroit’s urban pedestrian path, the Dequindre Cut. Positioned above a five foot retaining wall and measuring a mere 600 square feet, it should come as no surprise that this land sat on the market for months without interest.

After turning a lemon lot into literal lemonade Eli and Bea created their version of the perfect lemonade stand, a stand that has the feel of childhood nostalgia with some modern updates. By using a delivery method involving buckets and a pulley system to send the lemonade down to customers, they created a fun and interactive experience, a destination for the whole community. With an overwhelmingly positive response, what was intended as a summer pop-up grew to be much, much more.

That’s when I stepped in to help take Bea’s Squeeze out of the bucket and into the bottle so that everyone can enjoy their amazing lemonade!

CD / Designer – Danny Jacobs

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